Too Much Pressure?

This blog just popped into my head last night as I submitted my previous one. But as it was late, I didn’t have time to jot any notes down.

Just to address the topic of what I’m going to write about, and the reasons of why I’ve chosen this subject. I recently experienced a very bad panic attack whilst at work, as I’m sure some of you might have experienced yourself.

Never having had one before, not to my recollection anyway, I can clearly say I hope to never have one again.

Heart pounding.

Hands sweating.

Feeling emotional.

Can’t breathe.

I knew I had to get out of there!

Now I’m usually a calm, albeit a bit crazy, individual, who takes the day as it comes. not a big planner as I can never live a week in advance. This day however seemed very different. I felt before I’d even started, that I would have to leave early and that indeed was the case.

I think we all just live in fear of what other people will think of your decisions. So to make them happy, you must do what they want.

It seems that 100% clearly isn’t enough anymore. And making other people happy is more important than that of your own happiness. We’re all just living robots, working day in day out for the chance to earn a decent wage. Trying, beyond all hope to change how you live your life, new paths, new hobbies, new life decisions. But in the end, they all fail, leaving you at the start again, wishing your life were better. Like the intro says in the Lion King:

It’s the Circle of Life

And yes it does rule us all!!

A Writers Journey

Stressed? Write about it.

In love? Write about it.

Inspired? Write about it.

Motivated? Write about it.

It seems there are plenty of life situations that can and have been written about. Even if its just a diary of your day to day life. It can be a reminder of how for you’ve come since a specific time in your life that you can look back on, smile, and say “yes I’ve succeeded” or “wow I’ve come a long way since then!”

For me personally, I don’t see myself as a spectacular writer not by a long shot. More of a novice as is any aspect of my life. There’s always room for improvement in my book.

If you knew me like some people do, I just make things up as I go along anyway.

But isn’t that what you do with writing anyway?Have one idea, make things up around it and build the “ultimate” story.

My love of writing has slowly developed from secondary school student, to amateur blogger. In-between, I have learnt many things, that have helped my understanding of writing, and the do’s and don’ts to make it successful.

There is still so much I must learn, so bear with me.

All I can say though about a writer’s journey is that any small idea can become one big success and I’m hoping beyond hope to do that here.

Fingers crossed.

Technology: Parents and Children of Today

Now I always remember my parents telling me this when I was younger. I don’t know about the rest of you?

You’ll get square eyes if you sit too close to the TV

Nowadays, it seems, nobody really cares whether children or themselves are over exposed to tablet or phone screens etc. Because stick a screen in front of them and it shuts them up right? it shuts everybody up.

I’ve seen that happen many times when I’m out and about.

Babies with screen holders in their pushchairs so that they are constantly being fed entertaining cartoon pigs that can teach them the alphabet repeatedly is very educational right? Still, it gives you quiet time to check what’s going on over Facebook and Instagram!! So, it’s all good!!

Not having kids, myself, and not wanting kids especially in this day and age, I have no idea what parenthood is like. But I know there are other ways around to getting children to quieten down. Trust me I’ve been through it and I’ve come out ok. I think.

Looking back at how my life was to how it is now, I can clearly say that my attitude to technology has really changed. At first the big box on top of another big box was a revelation to us youngsters. Setting up the dialling tone to get the internet working, making sure no one needed the phone before use of the internet.

We lived it up back then didn’t we?!

I can’t believe how much time parents spend looking down on their phones and not being engaged in what their children are doing. Take the other day for example, I was sat in my local coffee shop doing some local research, and opposite my there was a mom and her son (he must have been about 3 or 4). She literally picked up a colouring book that was in the café, plonked it down in front of him then spent most of her time on her phone!

I mean come on! Pay some attention to your child who kept trying to get your attention!!

Honestly, I’m really wanting that time machine right about now. Why can’t we live in an easier time aye? wat has the world come to? I’d go on some more but you’re probably tired of me now. I’m too wound up at the moment anyway.

Feel free to air you opinions at the end of this article.

Until next time!

Thoughts of a Fitness Novice

We’ve all been there.

Feeling unfit. Out of breath. Sweating at the simplest routine actions, and wondering why?

Why should I be feeling like this? I eat healthy every day and work hard. I’m only young, so why am I having all these hot flushes? Yikes I’m going through the change!! Help!! Nope, I’m just unfit. Phew!! Gulp!

Every year you make the same new year’s resolution to lose weight by the summer. Hoping to god you can squeeze into that skimpy bikini that makes all the men fall for you on the beach. More like fall over you. By the way I don’t actually own a bikini.

When I first joined the gym, I thought what have I got myself into? I can’t do this, I look stupid in these tight leggings! Remembering then that I can’t take feeling like this anymore. Opening the door and gulp!

Looking around, there’s someone doing unimaginable things on ropes hanging from the ceiling. This is supposed to be a gym, right?

Block it out, just carry on.

Now they say to start off slow and work up. But hey I just want to see where I am fitness wise. Let’s see how fast I can go on the treadmill! Set the time for 15 mins. Sure, I can run for that long. And go!! 1minute in, sweating, even more out of breath than usual, I can clearly say it didn’t go well.

Id say I’m warmed up now. Next!

Trying to see what other people are doing around me, it all seems so much hard work. I feel like I right tit, as I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

After a few more weeks on my own, music in my ears drowning out the heavy breathing that I couldn’t hear yet the rest of the gym could, I concluded that I needed some expert help and some advice. Turns out, I was doing everything completely wrong and that’s why nothing was happening.

Since having a PT, I have managed to lose weight, drop 2 jean sizes and managed to stay at an average but controllable weight. Still it hasn’t fixed the fact that I can’t walk in a straight line, I trip over my own feet and I have no sense of balance.

Other than that, everything seems perfectly normal in my eyes. Perhaps not everyone else’s.


The online dictionary meaning of Influences is worded as:

‘the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself’.

For anybody out there who knows me, for a long time now, being outdoors for me, brings a great release to my life. It brings a release from work life, home life and sometimes I have to say, family life. It can bring a lot of things to the forefront of my brain and gives me time to think about what needs improving with life.

My love of the outdoors was originally influenced by my mom and dad back in the days when having a bike ride in the parks was cool and fun. When it was safe for children to be outside on their bikes until dinner time. Ahh that was the 90’s for you aye.  Gone are the good old days.

So glad I wasn’t bought up this day and age where phones and iPads rule people’s lives, and we’ve all got a bad neck from looking down at screens all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I have one of each, but I only really use them to catch up on programmes when I’ve missed them and to text/call people. I wish I didn’t have to use them, but people would call me crazy for not having them.

And people already see me as crazy, because, well I’m that sort of person.

The way I see it these days, technology is slowly ruining people’s lives. It doesn’t make life any easier, as it can never replace the empathy and life experience of a good conversation from an actual person. We’re probably all going to end up like cyborgs anyway. Hope I won’t live that long to see this happen.

Family influences have definitely defied who I am today. Through the struggles and trauma of the past, I have grown to be who I am through strength and determination, that my parents have drilled into me through my 28 years.

Where’s Eggs?

I know this seems like a weird title for a blog, but then again am weird.

I must tell you this one though. It may surprise you all out there to know that in my 5 years of working as a retail assistant in foods, my most asked questions, is always concerning the whereabouts of eggs.

I have never, however, had it asked towards me in this way.

Just a simple two-word sentence ‘Where’s Eggs?’.

It’s like asking where’s Italy on a map, but you know simply that it’s the country shaped like a boot.

Now either everyone is getting together and making a massive omelette, or people are creating mass amounts of scrambled eggs.

In which case, I certainly explains the countless times I see random people on their own, run or walk swiftly out of the isle just as I come around the corner. Leaving a rancid trail of gasses that hits you like a ton of bricks. What a glamourous job in in aye.

Now I must admit, I too get a bit confused as to where products are kept in a shop. Especially when it’s not something I buy daily. And sometimes I get pretty close to the whereabouts of what I’m looking for.

But why do customers think that eggs are kept in the veg section of a shop? Either they are just too lazy to go and look for them in the first place, or they really are telling the truth that they have been looking for ages – in a small shop – and they really can’t find them. Still, at least it keeps our step trackers going on the shop floor and it gives us something to do I suppose.

Until next time folks!

Mind of a Retail Assistant

They say that mindfulness is living in the here and now.

“would you like a receipt?”

I try to go by that mantra every day. Seems its harder than you think at times, especially in a job like mine.

I close my eyes and what do I see? Hear? Touch? Smell?

“Please wait while we verify your bags”

Oh shit, hold on, BRB

Seems one can’t have a moment to one’s self on self-serve at work.

This is what is constantly going around in my head day in day out at this place. Hi I’m Emma, shan’t tell you my last name as I’m afraid the people around me will come after me with pitchforks. I know we don’t live in those times any more but you never know what someone may be hiding in their closet.

Retail isn’t all that hard when you think of it. Ok you have the Christmas stress of everything and you can’t get any peace from customers coming straight into the shop and straight away asking where someone is. For fuck sake! Are you really that lazy that you can’t be bothered to look?! The carrots are right in front of you!!! But honestly, filling shelves, serving at the tills with a smile that’s put on for all to see, isn’t all that difficult.

Don’t worry not all my blogs will be this boring. Hopefully some will make you want to laugh, cry or maybe give you inspiration for your next blog. I don’t know how these will come across to you, but I’ll give it my best shot.