A Winter’s Haze

The haze of winter has once again snuck up on us. It’s grasp has us tightly held, sending goose bumps down our spines, making our teeth chatter, even with us dressed all snug in a warm coat . The sight of our breath in the cold air verifies to us that the temperature has definitely dropped below -0 degrees. It’s always the not knowing of how long Jack Frost can keep his deep freeze going that’s always the issue. I don’t think the weatherman can give us that answer.

Walking around an ancient town like this one, and seeing how the ice has changed the landscape, buildings and old buildings around me is mesmerising. Ducks physically skating on thin ice, that were once able to glide so effortlessly along the water, now feel the sting of the frozen water beneath them as they land.

Business in the town must go on. Money to be made, customers to serve and profits to uphold, time still keeps whirring on like clockwork, despite the dropping temperatures. Walking in, and taking a seat in the warmth of a local coffee shop, many people have made the same decision to have a warm drink and defrost a bit before heading home after a morning of shopping.

Its so fascinating how the dropping weather conditions changes the way some of the more intricate objects into something more beautiful. walking down the fence of the pond I come across a spiders web, frozen like everything else around it, but it still sways in the cool air that breezes past it. How can something so delicate and intricate still keep its form and shape even in dropping temperatures? makes me think of a paper doily that’s made out of jewels of ice, seeming so breakable yet still so strong. Nature is spectacular by the way it can adapt and still look so exquisite.

Yes winter definitely has come and bound us in its beauty and splendour, and with it comes a change in the way we all look at nature. maybe just for a split second to wonder at how magical it makes your surroundings look, or if you’ve just popped out for some air to gaze in wonder and to appreciate how it makes you feel inside. Winter is truly marvellous!!