Gaining Perspective.

Apologies to my readers out there, (if I still have any after all this time), having been ill for over the past month or so. With my family and I plus doctors stumped from the very beginning it eventually ended up with me being admitted to hospital with low sodium levels.

Spending an entire weekend in hospital though, it did give me pause for thought, and with it, the feeling of gratefulness came over me.

For one, I was grateful that finally the doctors, who had been working tirelessly to try and find a conclusion to my symptoms, were able to finally find a cause as to what was going on.

The realisation that our NHS is an amazing system, and when time is of the essence, they make the minutes even seconds count. At times, it may seem like you would be waiting eternity to see a nurse or doctor, but patience is always key to making a full recovery.

Spending so much time to myself, at first seemed pretty boring. But then again, with the continuous company of the doctors, nurses and of course my family, made this empty time on my own more bearable and enjoyable.

Then again some time with a good book, is always worth those quiet periods. Since listening to Elizabeth Day’s podcast of the same name as the book I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, it has given me a lot of reading materials that I thought ” Ah that sounds quite interesting”. so I’ve taken it upon myself to be able to read something a bit different than I usually go for.

Enter the very informative accounts from Tara Westover and her book called “Educated”.

A very informative insight into what she went through when she was younger, not being able to go to school, not having a birth certificate when she was born, just because of the way of life she was brought into.

Sadly,I haven’t managed to get to the end yet, still trying to fine tune my reading abilities still, but from what I listened on the podcast, and what she has been able to teach herself from her experiences, her life has managed to escalate her into success into a job which she enjoys and which she is able to learn the skills she has been able to teach herself.

It made me think really, and this is another reason that this is titled the way it is. We have this amazing NHS system, we are able to access it for free. The waiting time may take a while, but the doctors are doing their best to take the strain. Yet, the little girl in this book, didn’t have the simplest things like a birth certificate, a Health care system even a wired up telephone until whe was a little bit older.

We must all be grateful for what these nurses and doctors are doing for us. Giving up their breaks times because of the amount of people are waiting to be seen is at its maximum. Yes we might be waiting for hours on end in A&E or elsewhere, but just be patient.

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