Two Ears One Mouth…

You might have heard this saying in your lifetime. No? Well that makes two of us. As a 28 year old, with no real life outside of work, well apart from writing, my eyes were utterly opened when after a recent meeting, in which I probably didn’t seem that interested in what was being said (and I do apologise if that person is reading this), I was able to take in what was being said and able to take note of what was being put across. And Thank goodness too as I think it would have been a failure overall if I hadn’t.

Use them in that Proportion and that Order!

As children, we were always taught to speak when spoken to. In other words, listen until you’re spoken to or asked a question and then you have permission to speak. Being an old-fashioned soul as I am , through taught this lesson from a young age has somehow stuck with me throughout my life, which is probably why I see myself more of a listener rather than a talker, and probably not the best person to ask for advice unless its through messages then I really come into my own.

Being able to write informative advice to people who are struggling through an awkward and complicated situation, is a talent which takes practice and perseverance. If you have it, then being able to build on that skill can eventually open doors for you that you never thought would happen.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort

John Ruskin- English art critic

Being able to vent your emotions, frustrations even to help others, is a gift, and this is why I write! To realise that one talent you have, even though it may take years for you to wake up and think ” yes this is what I’m meant to do, so let me see where this takes me”. It may take practice, but the quality of work becomes better with practice. as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. And it does!!

Circling back to the main subject title of this blog, sometimes being able to listen, rather than talk a lot, can automatically become more important, especially in any career where communication, support, imagination, emotion and countless surprises can occur. And in my opinion, I think this can be the key to a successful life and future!

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