One Way or Another, We All Fail

Seeing one’s flaws in life, can sometimes be either a realisation that maybe you’ve never seen them like that before. Or maybe sometimes it can be a good smack in the face, fall down on your bum fail that you have to learn to pick yourself up and learn from what’s you have just

Recently I have become fascinated by informative podcasts that are readily available on Spotify. Particularly that from the works of Elizabeth Day who as a writer, journalist and novelist who has come into light with her recent book “How To Fail” talking about her personal failures in life. Under such topics as: Work, Tests, Twenties etc. I found that the “How to Fail in your Twenties” chapter really spoke to me and it seemed really relevant in how I am feeling at this particular stage in my life.

From reading this, I found out that she has a podcast of the same name, in which she interviews well knows actors, journalists, singers even that of a Monk. Hearing their emotions on stories that we never would connect them to, really opens up how you start to perceive them as a ‘normal’ individual, just as ourselves, and they too have had their struggles in life.

Sometimes being able to switch off the outside world and just listen to an intimate interview between two people can be an eye-opening experience. If you just close your eyes and just to listen, it seems like they are in the room with you. Maybe by just listening, you may even see some similarities in you can feel a personal connection. Having just finished listening to Vicky McClure’s interview, when she was talking about her education and about her feelings about the concept of social media. Her experiences and views really resonate with me personally.

It’s sort of got me thinking: What do I see as failures in my life?

For one, I’m putting my education out there. Growing up I was a very slow learner. Being in and out of hospital as a young child, I often missed out on some important educational milestones. It wasn’t my fault that I failed on my exams. If you asked my mom, she’d say that I did try with great difficulty, but with the brain damage I had suffered due to past trauma, the information just wouldn’t go in and stay in. You could say I have a brain like a fish. And so I really didn’t get the grades that I thought I could’ve achieved. It just meant that I needed to retake my English which I passed finally and eventually my Maths which I failed miserably.

Second I would have to say friendships would be a big one. From a young age I haven’t been able to integrate myself within a specific social friendship circle. I had often tagged along with people who really didn’t realise I was with them to begin with. It has continued long into my adulthood and I think because of this lack of social interaction within social situations, I haven’t been able to develop the art of banter and so certain situations make people seem uncomfortable. It’s just never been my forte to be able to converse and become part of social situations, even though I may seem like I can.

Thank you to the 3 years of Performing Arts I did at college!!

There are many other failures that I could go into, but I feel that that they’re a bit more personal to me as and who I am. I guess my confidence won’t let me go that far. But I’m glad really as it shows I have gained the skill of restraint, that maybe years ago, could’ve become the main reason to why I am the person I am today.

To conclude this blog, all I’m going to say is that we all have our failures in life, including people in the limelight, but we have to get up from these situations, dust ourselves off and move on. We can all gain success from failure, we just have to find it.

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