Reaching Out: Taking the Leap of Faith

Being one of many people out there that find it difficult to interact within social situations that are uncomfortable. Being able to reach out to people you haven’t seen or even spoken to, can seem nerve wracking. But taking the plunge, that first step, can be the start of a new life, even a new you.

Being mentally strong enough to be able to say ‘yes I will go out and do this’ gives you the confidence that change is going to happen, and its you that’s going to make it happen.

Sunday 14th April, I did just that.

Signing up to an online meetup group that, I know does sound quite geeky but sometimes you need to do sometime that a bit different. It did feel like a leap of faith that could all go tits up by the end of it. But hey most of the things in my life do anyway.
So roll out of bed, get scrubbed up ready for an 8 mile walk into the unknown world of a new social journey of questionable conversation, silent pauses and one frozen face.

Creating that first connection between you and another person you don’t know can be daunting. On a panic scale of 1 to 10 1 being confident enough to make the first move into conversation 10 being ‘Oh my god I cant do this’ I’d say I was a 7.Yeah seriously!!

Most people who know me would say that I am a confident person in terms of how I come across in day to day life. But knowing I am meeting in a social group and meeting new people after such a long period of time, well this is a side of me that few people get to see. just shows how well those three years in performing arts really helped.

The walk overall was brilliant I cant doubt that, plus I hadn’t even realised how big Sutton Park really is, definitely going to try and re-trace my steps(hopefully). Throughout the entirety of the walk though, I did come to realise that 1. I really cant make conversation to save my life, 2. I must’ve been the only person there that nobody really wanted to talk to and 3.. because of this I realise that I am either a boring person, I smell or they just don’t like me because people seemed to be keeping their distance.

In the moments after the walk had been completed, I came to the conclusion that maybe I really aren’t meant to have friends, and even though I didn’t go into any detail about myself, friendship is not only about how much confidence you have to make the first move, it’s about who you know and what you have in common that counts.

By reaching out and taking that leap of faith, has confirmed to me that being in your own company, can make you stronger.

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