The Procrastinator

I’ve never heard this word until recently. Didn’t even know it existed to be honest.

Its was only during a recent training session. I just had to lookup what it meant when I got home. Two people said the word and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about, it went straight over my head as usual. It was yet another visit to the Google helpline when I’d recovered. If I could remember the word.


To delay or postpone an action: put off doing something”

Ah now I see! Find it funny to be honest as I’ve never imagined a word that summed me up that well. My mom probably thinks the same! “

The realisation that from taking that one sip of water that I needed to hydrate, doing some unnecessary lunges, was my way of delaying the inevitable pain of my next leg exercise. I just couldn’t stall it anymore unless I just left my things and did a runner. Here we go, bring on the pain!!

Looking back through life, I realise that there are numerous examples of times where I have put things off right to the last minute. When even the most important tasks that should’ve been done a few weeks back, are completed right on the last day because I have been so “busy” catching up with something on Netflix, or going out for some me time after a busy week at work/ gym. You need some rest sometime right? to be able to enjoy life and enjoy yourself away from this busy world we live in.

As a highly skilled procrastinator, I have the ability to be able to put numerous things off until the last minute. I find it funny really that I am so laid back with life when everybody is rushing around doing so many jobs at once to the point that their head might explode.

I am really not a regular woman in that I am not a multi tasker, and I really don’t have the ability to be able to think of more than two things at one time. I definitely should’ve been a boy to be honest. Mind you I do act a bit backwards sometimes, especially when I’m at the gym or I’m at work.

Being a procrastinator, is definitely the way the rest of my life is going to be, as being two years off 30 I’m really not going to change my ways now. So sorry everyone who thinks that it’s something that can happen overnight, it really doesn’t. I can learn from my mistakes and make life better for myself, but the protagonist in me will never leave.

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