Sunday’s Thought: Is Going Back to a Simpler Life better for us all?

During a conversation, well more like a discussion with my mom and her long-time friend this morning, we touched up on the topic about how going back to a more simple and basic life may be better for everyone in the long run.

As the years have gone by, we have succumbed to the power of technology, new avenues, and options there are for us all to take these days, that really aren’t for the better. Options that may be destroying us all as a race and also to our planet. With the constant prices of plastic bags going up in shops, and the constant use of plastic packaging for fruits, veg and ready meals, and the amount of pollution in the air from greenhouse gasses, I can clearly see why the Earth is literally suffocating.

Reading an article online on The Guardians website, it describes the fact that within the last 25 years, we as a human race, have destroyed a tenth of the worlds wilderness to make way for a “brighter” future. We need the help of your rainforests and wilderness to help our eco system function, without it then I’m sorry to say, we are doomed. World leaders are more concerned at how to grow their economy and how to create bigger populations than thinking about the consequences of their actions. And its only now that research on the worlds oceans do they see the bigger picture.

Circling back to this mornings conversation, we talked about the possibility of a total power cut to everywhere in the world. What would happen then? Would this then mean that we would have to be forced to think about how we would be able to survive? How would we cope without technology, electricity etc?

To be honest I think when it comes to that stage, the world will be a big flame of gas, and well, it would be too late anyway.

There was a power cut to our neighbourhood and even though it was a shock and an inconvenience to us all obviously, it really brought me and my mom together in terms of being able to have a proper conversation without something interrupting us, i.e. the television, internet, phone etc. We were enjoying the flow and listening to what each other had to say, that when the electricity was back on, we automatically turned the lights off again and carried on with the conversation.

It seems to me that because we are all so used to all these facilities being readily available to us, that we all think that it will make our lives better in the long run. Really look at how it is affecting family and friends relationships. Is there actual laughter? Is there conversation? Are we actually bonding together? Or is it all done on our phones, tablets etc?

Times are precious and we are wasting too much of it not spending time with the people who mean the most to us. we are more concerned about how many followers, likes and views e are getting on our profiles than watching family slowly growing older, and then before you know it the older generation have gone, and you wonder why you hadn’t listened more to them.

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