Online Dating: Tried, Tested, Failed.

Never having much luck on the dating scene. But then again, I’ve probably not had as much experience as many others I know. I’m sure there are many individuals that have tried online dating, and quite possibly been able to find that one special person to spend the rest of their lives with. And They All Live Happily Ever After!!

Yeah Right!!

To tell you the truth, I can be quite secretive about my love life. Possibly because I’m not that experienced with it, or because I’m not as confident as some people perceive me as. Could be both, but it could be something else. Perhaps I should Google it?

“Hey Google, Why can’t I find someone to love?”

“Sorry unable to find what you’re looking for”

That settles it, I’m just going to be a crazy cat lady. I knew it!!

No but on a serious note, what does it really take to be good at this online dating? What makes a successful candidate? Probably not one to ask Google as we are all very different people and have our own little ways. But its’s not all about swiping right, right?

So, what is it about me that’s not ‘relationship worthy’? Joining a dating app I had hope that this time was going to be it. Entering in my interests etc, not putting anything too revealing, it all came down to the all important picture. Ugh, suppose the most recent one should do. And submit!! let’s see shall we?!

To me, being in this predicament again, makes me think that I’m just not trying hard enough. I’m probably not and I’m just wait for someone else to make the first move. being a few years out of practice doesn’t help either. plus well, I really don’t have that much experience, especially in the position I’m in now.

Having tried, tested, failed, tried, tested and failed again, I don’t hold much hope. but lets see shall we. It’ll probably happen all of a sudden, out of the blue when I least expect it. but until then, I just feel like the person in Calum Scott’s song called “Dancing On My Own”.

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