A Fundraisers Journey

The feeling of fulfilment, accomplishment, and achievement can only come from something that you have been building up to for however long you’ve been working towards. Being able to see that your hard work has created a difference, both for yourself, in terms of personal confidence and for the people who are battling for survival, hoping beyond hope that one day a cure is finally found.

Being able to prove to myself how mentally and physically strong I am as a person, is all I’ve really strived for through my life. It’s probably what’s made me into the person I am today.

So, with this in mind, last year I decided to take one of the biggest challenges of my life so far. To some it may not seem that big, and you’ve probably completed it numerous times and succeeded. But for me, taking on the three biggest peaks in England, Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon in 24 hours, and knowing what the dangers and conditions I may face are, it’s pretty nail biting.

Reading the paper in one of my favourite cafes last June, I came across a news update that had been circling around the UK for quite a while. It concerned a little boy, whose fight to obtain the medical treatment he so desperately needed, had been taken off him. That treatment was cannabis oil. Legally it wasn’t allowed on UK soil, but if it works and it is a tried and tested solution in other parts of the world, then why not? To some it can be a lifesaving solution to help keep them alive and well, and I support that notion. As someone who suffers mildly from the same life-threatening condition, at that moment in time, I felt so helpless.

With all this news swirling around everywhere, I made a pact with myself quietly, that my goal between now and June 2019 is to raise as much as a I can and to be able to complete my next venture.

I know that to some of you that it seems like I’m doing it to help myself, in some ways I am. But, I’m not doing it for the fame, glory or even the medal at the end, it’s just another achievement I intend to say “yes, I’ve done it! I’ve achieved another goal in life!” and being able to look back to the good old days when I’m older and think my life was worthwhile after all.

With a bake sale, static bike challenge, treadmill challenge and Christmas bag packing under my belt and over £500 already raised, there is only one charity evening left before I really knuckle down to endure the joys of training for the big event.

I am determined as ever to complete what I’ve set out to do for the cause I feel so strongly about.

As many people who know me, I am very open about my condition and I don’t shy away from making it known that I have epilepsy, even when going for a new job or joining a club as they need to know. the only advice I can give to people like me is don’t give up, we can fight this!! You are strong enough!!

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