A Course for the Mind

Ok so I’m going to start this blog off with a quote from a famous author and activist, Helen Keller:

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved

Reading this quote today has made me think of how life can have so many ups and downs in the past, and yet you trudge on as if nothing has happened. But don’t so many of us? You have the scars, but you choose to hide them with a face of happiness, joy, love and laughter. And even though sometimes it might come back and bite us in the bum, you push on with living like nothing ever happened.

Recently I have embarked on a course that I feel is going to truly be my saving grace. Focusing on different aspects of life that you feel can’t see any hope of fixing. It’s truly eye opening to actually see what is causing me so much stress on the inside. Working through the various stages, answering who, what and why they are causing these feelings, creates such a big picture as to who I am right now as a person.

For anyone who knows me, knows I’m not much of a talker, so therefore I continue to bottle up all my feelings and emotions from everyone else. And therefore, it creates a different person to who I’m truly supposed to be. It’s like deciding which kind of person you’re going to be by flipping a coin to find out who you’re going to be that day and revealing the opposite side.

But by being able to differentiate between feelings of physical, behavioural, mental and emotional, has opened my eyes as to what the situations I’m going though actually fall into. As everything on the program is all confidential, I won’t reveal anything that I have written, but I hope that continuing and being able to complete the whole course, I will finally feel like a new person. And maybe even find the old me and bring her back to the surface again and into the light.

So, circling back to Keller’s quote from the beginning, I realise that yes there are stages of our lives that you have to suffer, but it’s only through experience can we learn from this and create a more positive feeling of achievement and inspiration in life. That’s what I’m hoping to take away from all of this eventually.

Besides there are actually a lot of fun and exciting times that lie ahead of me this year. So, fingers crossed I will finish this course and eventually bounce back to my fun and bubbly side in readiness.

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