The Clearest Of Minds

Stepping outside to grab some air on foot, is one of my favourite ways to destress, focus and above all, clear my mind of any negativity that has been building up. Having been cooped in the house, for hours makes me feel like I can’t breathe, that my chest is constantly being restricted of real oxygen.

As the winter chill hits my face, like a ghost has just walked through me, I step outside. I feel free, my lungs can finally fill with the natural air. I can finally breathe! Putting my earphones in and switching the playlist over to “The Most Beautiful Songs In The World” one I have never listened to before but will definitely listen to now. Breathing in I feel my mind clearing. Muscles relaxing. Worries disappearing. Let’s do this!

First priority buy some bread and a newspaper from the local shop. On the way, I spot a police car driving past my on my right, hopefully just taking a short cut from the main road. Didn’t seem like he was in any hurry to get to a crime. But you never know. Looking up at the sky, blue as it can be at this time of year, I feel the breeze shift across my face. Birds flying high, soaring, swooping, in perfect balance so that the cool wind doesn’t interrupt their flight.

Armed with a small 40p bread loaf that had been reduced, and equipped with a paper under my arm, I say thank you to the shop owner and head to my local nature reserve. Listening to this particular playlist has got me in such a relaxed and tranquil state, that even a walk, which just takes me a couple of minutes, seems to last half an hour.  

Rounding the corner, I’m on the final approach to the reserve. Everything is silent, until the sound of laughter one of the ducks makes, breaks the ambiance. I swear they can sense when someone has come with sustenance. The rush of interrupted water means they have only come for one thing.  And it seems when I get there, I have an audience. Swans, geese and other birds alike, their expectant eyes looking up at me. Standing in place, I start tossing small handfuls of bread into the water. Each handful released feels like a piece of negativity being thrown away for good.

Sitting on the nearest bench, I looked out over the water. Ripples from the ducks dispersing were the only trace of their movement. Graceful, silent, elegant. Turning off my music, I sit and listen. What do I hear? Birds in the trees, whistling away in their own language that’s a song to my ears. The breeze shaking the trees back and forth, back and forth. In this moment, at this time, I am at peace, I am where I need and want to be. My lungs fully filled with air that feels natural. I smile to myself and think “this is me, finally, the clearest of minds”.

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