Happy Logging Out Day!

What a feeling. The moment you press that all important button that cuts you off from the online world. Feels just like my chest is a hot air balloon, and a weight has been freed to make it go higher. I don’t have to worry about Instagram or Facebook anymore. Don’t have to worry about putting where I am or where I have been that day. Wondering why people don’t like what I’ve put on there and why so many other people are getting more “likes” than me. I’m not going to let it rule my life.

I’ve noticed that I care more about what people think about my life, than how and what I need to do take care of myself. Time to think about number 1. Time to revaluate. This is day 1 of no social media and it feels great! It’s tight grasp has eased, I can finally breathe on my own without any judgement.

Maybe now I can concentrate on things that I am interested in, for example, finally getting around to finally enjoying and finishing Dan Browns “Origins”, the only one I haven’t been able to put my feet up and delve into.  I can finally finish my writing course that I haven’t been able to accomplish as my mind has been elsewhere. Hopefully now, my blogs will improve

Mental health is no joke, and more times than not, social media is the biggest cause of suicides. Not that I’ve ever considered it, and never will I might add. But as someone who spends most of my time on my own, seeing people really happy on social media, I really see the struggle. It’s like it consumes me, like an invisible force is constantly on your back weighing you down making your life a misery. It’s called dread. Always dreading that I never will meet a true friend. Dreading I will never one day meet that one person who I will truly love.

It’s stupid really, the fact that some people have thousands of followers, yet they only really speak to the odd few that are close. I personally don’t care about the number of people on my friends list, it’s the people who truly love me for who am as a person that matter in the end. They’re the ones who keep me going in life and who really make life worth living.

So as of today, I am officially logging out. cant tell you how long it will last for as I’m sure some of you have tried it and you’ve been straight back on the next day. But I have to do this, just to prove how mentally strong I can be as an individual. I’m hoping by the end of this to become a much better person and not counting on social media to tell me what my future will bring me in life.

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