A Writers Journey

Stressed? Write about it.

In love? Write about it.

Inspired? Write about it.

Motivated? Write about it.

It seems there are plenty of life situations that can and have been written about. Even if its just a diary of your day to day life. It can be a reminder of how for you’ve come since a specific time in your life that you can look back on, smile, and say “yes I’ve succeeded” or “wow I’ve come a long way since then!”

For me personally, I don’t see myself as a spectacular writer not by a long shot. More of a novice as is any aspect of my life. There’s always room for improvement in my book.

If you knew me like some people do, I just make things up as I go along anyway.

But isn’t that what you do with writing anyway?Have one idea, make things up around it and build the “ultimate” story.

My love of writing has slowly developed from secondary school student, to amateur blogger. In-between, I have learnt many things, that have helped my understanding of writing, and the do’s and don’ts to make it successful.

There is still so much I must learn, so bear with me.

All I can say though about a writer’s journey is that any small idea can become one big success and I’m hoping beyond hope to do that here.

Fingers crossed.

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