Technology: Parents and Children of Today

Now I always remember my parents telling me this when I was younger. I don’t know about the rest of you?

You’ll get square eyes if you sit too close to the TV

Nowadays, it seems, nobody really cares whether children or themselves are over exposed to tablet or phone screens etc. Because stick a screen in front of them and it shuts them up right? it shuts everybody up.

I’ve seen that happen many times when I’m out and about.

Babies with screen holders in their pushchairs so that they are constantly being fed entertaining cartoon pigs that can teach them the alphabet repeatedly is very educational right? Still, it gives you quiet time to check what’s going on over Facebook and Instagram!! So, it’s all good!!

Not having kids, myself, and not wanting kids especially in this day and age, I have no idea what parenthood is like. But I know there are other ways around to getting children to quieten down. Trust me I’ve been through it and I’ve come out ok. I think.

Looking back at how my life was to how it is now, I can clearly say that my attitude to technology has really changed. At first the big box on top of another big box was a revelation to us youngsters. Setting up the dialling tone to get the internet working, making sure no one needed the phone before use of the internet.

We lived it up back then didn’t we?!

I can’t believe how much time parents spend looking down on their phones and not being engaged in what their children are doing. Take the other day for example, I was sat in my local coffee shop doing some local research, and opposite my there was a mom and her son (he must have been about 3 or 4). She literally picked up a colouring book that was in the café, plonked it down in front of him then spent most of her time on her phone!

I mean come on! Pay some attention to your child who kept trying to get your attention!!

Honestly, I’m really wanting that time machine right about now. Why can’t we live in an easier time aye? wat has the world come to? I’d go on some more but you’re probably tired of me now. I’m too wound up at the moment anyway.

Feel free to air you opinions at the end of this article.

Until next time!

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