Thoughts of a Fitness Novice

We’ve all been there.

Feeling unfit. Out of breath. Sweating at the simplest routine actions, and wondering why?

Why should I be feeling like this? I eat healthy every day and work hard. I’m only young, so why am I having all these hot flushes? Yikes I’m going through the change!! Help!! Nope, I’m just unfit. Phew!! Gulp!

Every year you make the same new year’s resolution to lose weight by the summer. Hoping to god you can squeeze into that skimpy bikini that makes all the men fall for you on the beach. More like fall over you. By the way I don’t actually own a bikini.

When I first joined the gym, I thought what have I got myself into? I can’t do this, I look stupid in these tight leggings! Remembering then that I can’t take feeling like this anymore. Opening the door and gulp!

Looking around, there’s someone doing unimaginable things on ropes hanging from the ceiling. This is supposed to be a gym, right?

Block it out, just carry on.

Now they say to start off slow and work up. But hey I just want to see where I am fitness wise. Let’s see how fast I can go on the treadmill! Set the time for 15 mins. Sure, I can run for that long. And go!! 1minute in, sweating, even more out of breath than usual, I can clearly say it didn’t go well.

Id say I’m warmed up now. Next!

Trying to see what other people are doing around me, it all seems so much hard work. I feel like I right tit, as I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

After a few more weeks on my own, music in my ears drowning out the heavy breathing that I couldn’t hear yet the rest of the gym could, I concluded that I needed some expert help and some advice. Turns out, I was doing everything completely wrong and that’s why nothing was happening.

Since having a PT, I have managed to lose weight, drop 2 jean sizes and managed to stay at an average but controllable weight. Still it hasn’t fixed the fact that I can’t walk in a straight line, I trip over my own feet and I have no sense of balance.

Other than that, everything seems perfectly normal in my eyes. Perhaps not everyone else’s.

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