Where’s Eggs?

I know this seems like a weird title for a blog, but then again am weird.

I must tell you this one though. It may surprise you all out there to know that in my 5 years of working as a retail assistant in foods, my most asked questions, is always concerning the whereabouts of eggs.

I have never, however, had it asked towards me in this way.

Just a simple two-word sentence ‘Where’s Eggs?’.

It’s like asking where’s Italy on a map, but you know simply that it’s the country shaped like a boot.

Now either everyone is getting together and making a massive omelette, or people are creating mass amounts of scrambled eggs.

In which case, I certainly explains the countless times I see random people on their own, run or walk swiftly out of the isle just as I come around the corner. Leaving a rancid trail of gasses that hits you like a ton of bricks. What a glamourous job in in aye.

Now I must admit, I too get a bit confused as to where products are kept in a shop. Especially when it’s not something I buy daily. And sometimes I get pretty close to the whereabouts of what I’m looking for.

But why do customers think that eggs are kept in the veg section of a shop? Either they are just too lazy to go and look for them in the first place, or they really are telling the truth that they have been looking for ages – in a small shop – and they really can’t find them. Still, at least it keeps our step trackers going on the shop floor and it gives us something to do I suppose.

Until next time folks!

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