Mind of a Retail Assistant

They say that mindfulness is living in the here and now.

“would you like a receipt?”

I try to go by that mantra every day. Seems its harder than you think at times, especially in a job like mine.

I close my eyes and what do I see? Hear? Touch? Smell?

“Please wait while we verify your bags”

Oh shit, hold on, BRB

Seems one can’t have a moment to one’s self on self-serve at work.

This is what is constantly going around in my head day in day out at this place. Hi I’m Emma, shan’t tell you my last name as I’m afraid the people around me will come after me with pitchforks. I know we don’t live in those times any more but you never know what someone may be hiding in their closet.

Retail isn’t all that hard when you think of it. Ok you have the Christmas stress of everything and you can’t get any peace from customers coming straight into the shop and straight away asking where someone is. For fuck sake! Are you really that lazy that you can’t be bothered to look?! The carrots are right in front of you!!! But honestly, filling shelves, serving at the tills with a smile that’s put on for all to see, isn’t all that difficult.

Don’t worry not all my blogs will be this boring. Hopefully some will make you want to laugh, cry or maybe give you inspiration for your next blog. I don’t know how these will come across to you, but I’ll give it my best shot.

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